The Portal a l’art Gallery, as it was called,  began its journey on December 22 of 2007. This project is the result of the enthusiasm, effort, perseverance, and creativity of an artist who did not stop trying until she saw it came true

The artist Lola Llinares, was born in 1960 and her work is distributed in private collections in Spain, Germany, the United States, Oman, London, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, France. As well as, in the national museums Ulpiano Checa (Colmenar de Oreja, Madrid), Antonio López (Tomelloso), Museo de la Festa (Elche), López Villaseñor (Ciudad Real), CAM, Caja Madrid, Calpe City Council and a long etcetera .

Some of his most recent exhibitions are at the Gustavo de Maeztu Museum, the Spain Art International Congress in Salamanca, the Donostiartean International Fair or the First International Fair at the Malaga Conference Center. You can see his entire career here.

Much has been written about the artwork of Lola Llinares. From his childhood he always showed a great and unusual interest in drawing and painting.

He has won several national painting prizes, he was awarded the Cultural Merit Medal at the Prizes on October 9, in Calpe (Alicante).

She has national and international recognition for her work as well as the benevolence of the different art critics and appraisers of her work.



National and international artists

Great artists have passed through the gallery such as:

Alfonso Saura, Fina Llácer, Mompó Roca, Karín Hauke, Arantzazu Martínez, Carmen Mansilla, Carmen Alquézar, Miguel Peidro, Fermín García Sevilla, Ángel Pintado, Jaime López, Jesús Arrue, Ignacio Trellis, José Enrique González, Marta García Mansilla, Grupo Six , Colectivo Apmi, Lucía Francés, Calabuig Fernando Sánchez y Juán, Luís Pardo, Fernando García de Juán, Gabriel de Tomás, Miguel Ángel Esteve, Antonio Antogonza, Marc Esteve, Grupo Pintores Valencianos, Pau Síntes, José María Madrid, Alejandro Pedrajas, José Antonio Barrios, Eric, Doireau and a long etcetera.

galeria de arte en Calpe

Our Exhibitions

At each exhibition, we combine painting, sculpture and live music, even on numerous occasions we have poetry and presentations of different literary works.

It is a living gallery, with its own soul, perhaps different from what is considered to be an Art gallery, in which we work every day to improve our services and attention to those who visit us.


The Art School is born

In 2008, the gallery expanded its cultural space, opening the Lola Llinares School of Drawing and Painting Workshop to the public. Countless students of different ages, countries and pictorial tastes have passed through this school. This is intended to create a space in which all who share this same passion for art and culture are sheltered.

It is open to all trends and forms of expression with the same purpose: Art.
In this Art school, classes are taught in different languages ​​(Spanish, Valencian, French, English, German and Russian). Different disciplines and painting techniques (oil, watercolor, acrylics …) and different styles and trends (realism, impressionism, expressionism, abstraction) are learned and you can participate in the intensive courses (natural landscape, abstraction, etc.) that during the year are convened and performed.


Online store

Starting in 2019, it was decided to create an online store in order to disseminate these works of art and the gallery itself, wanting to reach a wider audience.

The artworks are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, which guarantees the authorship and quality of the works.

All these artwork are characterized by its originality in terms of subject matter and innovation in terms of painting techniques.

Portal al ‘Art or Lola Llinares Gallery is a gallery open to different artistic expressions, it is a gallery in which the artist and his work are respected and that from the beggining, has collaborated with different groups, always with the intention of bringing Art to all people who want it, regardless of their financial availability.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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