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Would you like to portray a memory or a loved one forever? Now you have the possibility to do it in the required size and color solution.


We organize group and individual exhibitions throughout the year. We also have an art fund that you can enjoy permanently.

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We have individual and group art classes for adults and children. You can start with the technique that you like and the level that you need.

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Learn more about Lola

Lola Llinares Calpine painter born in 1960 and whose work is distributed in private collections in Spain, Germany, the United States, Oman, London, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, France …

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A Touch Of Personality

The paintings that dress the walls of your home define your personality. Going into a house and seeing what kind of pictures they have hanging says as much as the books they have on their bookshelf or the music they listen to.

And you, how do you want to be defined?

Custom portraits

Not only kings can have their portrait hanging in their living room.

Now you have the opportunity to be able to portray that loved one forever.

A high resolution photo is enough to get us going.

Different Collections

Art gives you profitability while you enjoy it every day in your living room, office, bedroom …

In our Art Gallery you can find different collections. Each and every one of them define the state of mind and life of our Artist, around nature, the sea and everyday objects we take to a more

galeria de arte cuadros oleo

It was once...

The Portal a l´art Art Gallery, which is what it was called in its beginnings, began its journey on December 22, 2007.

This project is the result of the illusion, effort, perseverance, and creativity of an artist who …


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Why buy from our online art gallery?

Our trajectory in the world of online art may be short, however, we have been an art gallery in Spain for more than 12 years.

All the paintings that you will see on our website are original and unique paintings that are certified as such. Assuring the buyer that he acquires a unique and unrepeatable work of art even for the artist herself.

What will you find in our art gallery?

Oil still lifes, landscapes, seascapes, animals, abstract paintings and even more everyday aspects of life such as laundry.

Our works of art have a very personal style. These are works in which touches of pure realism are combined with surreal and abstract backgrounds. The different techniques and textures make each painting an original and innovative work. You can check it yourself here.

Contemporary art gallery

Contemporary art refers to all those works of art originating from the second half of the 20th century and are a reflection of current society, consciousness and context. In our Art Gallery you can find a wide variety of contemporary and current works of art.

Spain Art Gallery

Our Gallery is located in the town of Calpe about 60 km from its Alicante province. During the year we carry out different art exhibitions to promote and spread art and also national and international artists.

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